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Company Shutdown Notice

Dear Clients,

This is to announce that iRoyalFx MT4 is going to stop the business by 15 July 2016 due to termination of partnership between major shareholder MM CAPITAL LIMITED (70%) and the cooperating shareholderiRoyal Holding Limited (30%). At mean time, trade is not allowed.

All remaining clients are urged to make full withdraw of your fund before 12 July 2016 and MM CAPITAL LIMITED is responsible to pay 70% and iRoyal Holding Limited 30% of the fund.

Clients that made withdrawal from 4 July to 7 July, If you do not receive the payment, you need to email to before 15 July 2016. Whereby iRoyal Holding Limited is only responsible for the following: 

  1. 30% of the balance of the rate of 3.5 (70% is held by MM CAPITAL LIMITED)
  2. Maximum pay-out until the sum of 19,479USD which is the balance left after deduct 3 months operation fee owed by MM CAPITAL LIMITED
  3. Traders is top priority then followed by IB
  4. First come first serve basic
  5. Once the sum of 19,479USD has paid, iRoyal Holding Limited no longer hold any of the clients’ fund, MM CAPITAL LIMITED is fully responsible for the balance. 
  • The account numbers that eligible for the above matter are only for

20002, 20007, 20010, 20130, 20131, 20135, 20201, 20285, 20316, 20326, 20344, 20345, 20347, 20368, 20387, 20389, 20416, 20430, 20433, 20448, 20595, 20673, 20675, 20687, 20710, 20711, 20714, 20715, 20718, 20725, 20727, 20729, 20740 & 21484

For clients that registered under agent code 20793 MM CAPITAL LIMITED which allow 100% Deposit Bonus without profit sharing and hedging tactic, MM CAPITAL LIMITED is fully responsible as the fund is 100% held and managed by MM CAPITAL LIMITED, iRoyal Holding Limited will not respond any issues for it.

The website and server will be totally shut down on 16 July 2016.

Best Regards



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